Frenship Band Web Store


Thanks to everyone who purchased their 2020-2021 Frenship Band gear via our web store.  Your items will be ready for pick-up at the Band Extravaganza on August 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

I missed the web store deadline. What happens now?

All required items will still be available for purchase at the Band Extravaganza on August 1. You will have to stand in line to purchase these items. All optional items will no longer be available. The Band Boosters have extended their sale of the Meal Deals on their website until 11:59 PM on July 20. You may access their website via the Boosters button in the menu.

I completed my order online by the deadline. When will my items be delivered?

All orders completed by the deadline will be processed this summer and items will be delivered to students at the Band Extravaganza on August 1. No hassle - just pick up your pre-packaged bag of items and go!

Can I still order marching shoes & gloves?

Yes! The Frenship HS Band does not sell the marching shoes or marching gloves. Those items are purchased directly from Tarpley Music Company. The easiest way is to call them (797-5833) and tell them your shoe size and information about gloves. They will make a bulk order around July 1 and will call you when they come in. You can just stop by the store and pick up your items.

I am a guard member & I chose the payment plan. How do I set that up?

Payment plans can be set up at the Band Extravaganza on Aug. 1 by meeting with our new Fine Arts Administrative Assistant, Ms. Amanda Knight. You will pay 30% down, then the remaining balance may be divided into payments over the rest of the semester. Total balance will be due by the deadline in December. NOTE: payment plans are only available for guard members.

I want to pay for my items using money in my Charms account. How do I do that?

In order to use money in your Charms account, you must have already met the following criteria: 1. You are a returning band member (not a Freshmen) 2. You have money in your Charms account. 3. You chose the 'Charms' button at checkout and completed a 'manual' payment. If you have met the criteria above, you will meet with our new Fine Arts Administrative Assistant, Ms. Amanda Knight, at the Band Extravaganza on Aug. 1. Please bring your printed copy of your purchase. After assessing your Charms account, she will transfer the money from your Charms account to be applied toward your purchase. Should the amount of money in your Charms account not be enough to cover the full purchase, you are responsible for the remaining balance. This can be paid with cash/check.

Didn't find an answer?

Please contact Frenship Associate Director of Bands, Scott Carter, by emailing He will assist you with any further questions.