Guard Auditions


We are so excited that you have decided to join the Frenship Guard!!

This is an incredible group of students who are passionate about music, dance, their specialized equipment, and expressing themselves through what has become known as the "Sport of the Arts".

The Frenship Guard is open to any student (male or female) who is a currently enrolled at Frenship High School.

As a response to Covid-19, state & local mandates have prevented us from holding our normal auditions at the end of the school year.  Therefore, this year's process will be quite different.


We will answer your questions and provide lots of great info below, so check it out, and welcome to the Frenship Guard! 



Frenship Guard




For this season only, due to our unprecedented encounter with Covid-19, the Frenship Guard will NOT be holding an audition.

Any student who desires to be a member of the Frenship Guard will be admitted, pending a signed agreement from their parents.

So that we may order the proper uniforms for the marching season, each student must agree to incur the full costs of an active member as if chosen by an audition.  This includes the cost of the uniform, and all other required items as stipulated below.

Any student whose parents do not sign the financial agreement will not be allowed to participate.

We know this is unusual, but the current health crisis in America has forced us to change our procedures for now.

Please read through the FAQ's below as they will help answer many of your questions.


Frenship Guard FAQ's

Are you serious? I don't have to audition?

That's correct! The corona virus left our whole spring semester in a mess. We missed all the face-to-face recruiting efforts that normally take place on your campuses. This also means we did not get the chance to teach you all the fundamentals needed for a proper quard audition. We feel that it will be more beneficial to teach you these fundametals the right way once we're together, rather than having to un-teach incorrect fundamentals if we attempted to teach them via the web. Therefore, we are admitting anyone who is interested as long as they sign the financial agreement.

I don't know anything about guard. Are you sure I can keep up?

Absolutely! We will teach you everything you need to know about guard. Yes, you may be learning some new skills, but under the direction of our amazing teachers, you'll be proficient in no time. Don't be discouraged by what you see in the video, or what you've seen our veterans do. Remember, they started with no experience as well. You'll be great!

How much does it cost to be in guard?

If you're new to the program, please know that the Freshmen year is always the most expensive. No matter if you're an instrumentalist, in the drum line, or in the guard, purchasing the required gear for the activity is an investment. After your Freshmen year, you will own the majority of the required gear and will only be responsible for the new year's thematic changes. Each year, we offer guard families the option to complete their purchases with a payment plan. Arrangements are made with the Fine Arts Administrative Assistant at the beginning of the season (August). The plan requires 30% down, and then monthly payments can be made for the remaining balance until the deadline in December. Here is a list of the required items for guard:

  1. Uniform - $250 (customized to each year's show theme)
  2. Flag - $35
  3. Flag Bag - $45
  4. Guard Gloves - $17
  5. Guard Shoes - $40
  6. Guard Rehearsal Shirt - $18
  7. Guard Rehearsal Shorts - $12
  8. Band Shirt - $16
  9. Bottled Water - $5
Other guard apparell items are usually paid for via fundraising:
  1. Guard Shirt
  2. Guard Wind Suit
There are optional items available to all members of the band/guard/drumline via our webstore as well. Some of these items include hoodies, jackets, leggings, and much more if desired. Any family with a financial situation that requires an alternative plan, please contact us for details. We're happy to help!

Is guard a class?

Yes! Just like an athletic class, students will be enrolled in Guard Techniques. This class is single-blocked, and meets during 8th period on Gold Days. This class allows us to teach you the fundamentals and choreography required for each of the shows in which you will be participating. If you are a Freshmen at the Ninth Grade Center (NGC), you will ride the bus provided for you at the beginning of 8th period over to the High School for class during Color Guard season. This is the last class of the day, so you will be dismissed from school at the HS building. For Winter Guard season, Freshmen stay at the NGC for class during 8th period.

When does the guard practice?

Color Guard Season:

  • Guard Techniques class during 8th period (during the school day - at HS)
  • Monday Night Rehearsal - 6:00-9:00 PM
  • Tuesday - 4:30-6:30 PM
  • Wednesday - 4:30-5:30 PM
  • Thursday - 4:30-6:30 PM
  • Friday - varies; game day; travel; etc.
Winter Guard Season:
  • Guard Techniques class during 8th period (during the school day - at NGC)
  • Monday - 6:00-9:00 (JV guard)
  • Thursday - 6:00-9:00 (Varsity guard)
  • Occasional weekend camps to teach choreography

What's the difference between Color Guard & Winter Guard?

For guard, the school year is divided into two seasons - the Color Guard season, and the Winter Guard season. Color Guard

  • takes place in the fall (Aug - Nov)
  • guard performs as part of the award-winning Frenship HS Marching Band on the football field for halftime shows, marching festivals, Bands of America (BOA) contests, and UIL contests
  • performs to the music provided by the marching band during the show
  • rehearses at the HS Band Hall & practice field
Winter Guard
  • takes place in the winter/spring (Dec - Apr)
  • guard performs on their own, in a gym, to recorded music
  • guard participates and competes all across the state as members of the North Texas Colorguard Association (NTCA), the Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC), and/or Winter Guard International (WGI)
  • rehearses at the Ninth Grade Center
Each season has it's own rehearsal & performance schedule.

When does the guard perform?

Color Guard Season:

  • All football games
  • All marching & auxiliary festivals
  • All UIL contests
  • All parades
Winter Guard Season:
  • Various exhibitions
  • All contests as scheduled by each circuit

Does the guard travel?

Yes! The guard is part of the Frenship Band, so we travel to every location where the Band is performing. In the spring, we travel to D/FW, and sometimes Austin, for winter guard contests. We also enjoy time at Six Flags each spring season. All travel, food, and lodging is paid for by the school. Students usually bring along extra money for snacks, souvenirs, etc. In addition, the Frenship Band tries to take a spring trip each year. Trips in the past have included:

  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Orlando, Florida (Disney World/Universal Studios)
  • Branson, Missouri
  • Denver, Colorado
  • New York, New York
  • South Padre Island, Texas
  • Dallas, Texas
  • San Antonio, Texas
These spring trips are completely funded by the students. Fundraisers are available.

Who teaches the guard?

Ms. Amanda Knight is the Guard Director for Frenship HS. She brings over 20 years of guard experience and wonderful insight to each performing ensemble. In addition, she is also the Guard Director for Texas Tech University's "Goin' Band From Raiderland". Caitlen Kinder serves as the Guard Tech and works closely with Ms. Knight to ensure all guard members are proficient in technique and choreography. Caitlen is a graduate of Marcus HS in Flowermound, TX, where she served as captain of their Scholastic Independent guard program. In addition, she is a member of the Santa Clara Vanguard and would have marched this summer's DCI tour, but it was canceled due to the corona virus.

Is there fundraising available?

Yes! Each season, we try to do a poster sale. With the sale of these posters, students can cover the entire cost of the uniform. We also have a full-guard fundraiser during Summer Band. Profits made from the Meal Deals will go to offset some apparell costs. In addition, parents who become members of the Band Boosters can work at the concession stand during the home football games to earn money for their student's account.

When do we start?

Well, that's a good question. We hope that by the time we get to the end of the summer, we will be allowed to begin our normal Summer Band schedule. Normally, we have weekly "Skill Enrichment" training throughout the summer. If this ends up happening, we'll let you know. Normally, there is a required guard camp the last week of July, and full Summer Band would begin on August 1. Summer Band (required) would usually be in session Aug. 1-13. School would usually start on Aug. 17. Once our administration has notified us of the process, we will pass along the information and an updated schedule, so stay tuned.

Will I get to perform at everything?

When it comes time for performances, we will take into consideration all skill levels. We want each student to feel confident as a performer. So, if we feel a student is not quite ready for a particular section of the performance, we will alter the staging to accomodate what's best for the show.

What is Charms?

Charms is the name of our third-party online database. The Frenship Band program uses this database from middle school through high school for all band students. It allows all band programs at all levels to keep track of all the information pertinent to our students - names, contact info, locker combinations, financial accounts, travel funds, parent involvement, and more. Students who have been with the program for at least one year can use funds in their Charms account to assist with any program related purchases (apparell, repair, trips, etc.). Parents can check Charms online to keep the information up to date, and keep track of their student's fundraising accounts.

Can't find an answer?

Please contact our Guard Director, Ms. Knight, by emailing . She will be happy to help!



To claim your spot on the 2020 Frenship Guard, click the button below, fill out the form with your information, and have a parent (electronically) sign the financial agreement.  We will contact you via email about what steps to take next.


June 15 - Deadline to complete registration form & contract

As soon as we receive your registration we will send you information about measuring for uniforms and accessing our web store.  The web store will remain open for guard members.

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