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Frenship Web Store
Store Closes:  June 15 ~ 11:59 PM

Step by step guide - what to click

Parent's guide to exactly what's in the stores.

Explanation of purchasing process & flow


Step 1

Required items

Every band student must visit this web store.  All items are required unless you already own them.  Be sure to log in as a member prior to shopping.  (For shoes/gloves see Step 4 below.)

Step 2

Optional items

This site contains LOTS of amazing NEW band apparel for band students.  They're optional, but trust us, you'll want it.  Check out the "Web Store Details" document above for details.


Step 3

meal deals ~ booster items

Meal Deals are purchased here!  Have peace of mind during Summer Band that your student will be fed.  All Booster apparel will be available on the Booster web store after school is out.


Step 4


Go to Tarpley Music Store - 3737 50th Street.

All black marching shoes and white gloves can be purchased at Tarpley's.  These are required unless you already own them.  (806) 797-5833



Need help?

Please direct any questions to Scott Carter via email: