Twirling Auditions

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The Frenship Band program has a long tradition of outstanding Twirling Lines.  For over 80 years twirlers have been an integral part of the band's auxiliary presence on the field, in parades, and in the community.  For decades, Frenship has become known as one of the premier programs for twirling excellence in west Texas.  Our twirlers have performed at the local, state, and national levels and are proud to have won numerous awards and accolades in both UIL and the National Baton Twirling Association, including students who have been awarded

the UIL Outstanding Performer medal at the State Championships.

We look forward to working with you during this

audition process.  Good Luck!


Audition Info

The state and local mandates related to Covid-19 have, of course, altered the way we normally conduct twirling auditions.  So, this year will be a bit different.


Each student auditioning for high school twirler will create a video containing all of the required elements (listed below) along with a twirling routine of your choice. 


Your video will be submitted to the band staff via this web page.  All videos will be evaluated by the band staff and prominent twirling coaches & judges.  Results will then be announced.

If you plan to audition for twirler, please complete this form

by June 12:


Audition Criteria

The Frenship Twirlers have two levels of participation at the high school - 

the Varsity Twirling Line and the JV Twirling Line.

Students will indicate in their video if they are trying out for JV, for Varsity, or for both.


The criteria for auditions will be divided into the two levels of participation.  These twirling techniques will be included in your video as required elements.


Each candidate is required to perform each of the elements in the One Baton and Two Baton sections, and at least show basic understanding in the Basic Technique section. (You do not have to demonstrate mastery of the Basic Technique section, just do your best.)


One Baton

  • Back hand catch

  • Blind catch

  • Double elbow roll

  • Fishtails

  • Two spin horizontal

  • Two spin vertical

  • Toss illusion

Two Baton

  • Toss, pass over head, pass over arm

  • Horizontal box toss neck wrap

  • Horizontal / Vertical

  • Vertical / Vertical

  • Backhand / Vertical toss

Basic Technique

  • Three spin

  • Three elbow roll

  • Three baton (juggles & horizontal box)


One Baton

  • One turn backhand catch

  • One turn blind catch

  • Three elbow roll

  • Fishtails with carry

  • Three spin horizontal

  • Three spin vertical

  • Toss illusion

Two Baton

  • Toss, pass over head, pass over arm

  • Horizontal box toss neck wrap

  • Horizontal / Vertical

  • Vertical / Vertical

  • Backhand / Vertical toss

Basic Technique

  • One turn, catch under leg, fight hand (fujimi catch)

  • Angel roll

  • Three baton (juggles & horizontal box)

Choreographed Routine

A routine will be performed by students auditioning for JV, Varsity, and Feature.

Candidates will perform a choreographed routine to music of your choice.  This routine should display your twirling abilities with the use of multiple batons.  If possible, please try to limit your routine to around 3 minutes or less (except for Feature).


Feature Twirler

If you are interested in auditioning for Feature Twirler please note the following:

  • Audition criteria - Varsity

  • Choreographed Routine - Include advanced elements that showcase your abilities above & beyond that of others, including three baton work in your routine and show us that you can travel while twirling

  • You must wear a twirling costume for your routine

  • Your routine may exceed the 3 minute suggested time limit

  • Note that you will only perform ONE routine.  This routine will serve as a showcase for both your line audition AND your Feature audition.

It is important to note that there is NO set number of Feature Twirlers.  Among other things, Feature Twirlers are chosen based on their exhibition of skills, poise, and attitude.  If a prerequisite level of skill is not met, it is possible for no Feature Twirler to be chosen.


Video Info

Twirling Video FAQ's

What do I use to create my video?

Just a simple cell phone video is fine. Doesn't have to be anything fancy. Please try to record close enough to the performer that we can see facial expressions, but far enough away that we can see the whole body. Be sure to record in landscape orientation, not portrait orientation (horizontal not vertical).

Where do I record my video?

Anywhere you want. Your back yard, driveway, the park - wherever you can find a nice flat surface and enough room to toss.

What goes in my video?

Your video should include the following - IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Say your full name
  2. Tell us what grade you will be in next year
  3. Tell us how long you have been twirling on a school line
  4. Tell us what you're auditioning for - JV, Varsity, or Both
  5. Demonstrate EACH of the One Baton elements in the order they are listed. Each element will be performed THREE times, then move to the next one.
  6. Demonstrate EACH of the Two Baton elements in the order they are listed. Each element will be performed THREE times, then move to the next one.
  7. Demonstrate EACH of the Basic Technique elements in the order they are listed. Remember, you don't have to master these elements, just show us that you have some basic understanding of each one. Please attempt each element three times.
  8. Perform your choreographed routine.

Can I edit my video?

So that judges can see how you perform in real time, we prefer that you do not edit your video. Anyone can attempt a skill 75 times, and only show us the one time they got it right. Therefore, each section of elements must be performed in one take. In other words, record all elements in the One Baton section in a single take. Then you may stop the recording. Then record all elements in the Two Baton section in a single take....etc. So, a complete video can be structured like this: One Baton section (edit splice) Two Baton section (edit splice) Basic Technique section (edit splice) Choreographed Routine Or you may just keep recording and do the entire video in one take to be structured like this: One Baton section Two Baton section Basic Technique section Choreographed Routine Please understand that you are NOT being judged on the video editing or quality of the video. We don't care! Candidates will only be judged on the content of the twirling in the video.

I finished my video, now what?

Once you have finished recording your video, you will upload it to your YouTube account. If you don't have a YouTube account, create one (or borrow someone else's). Once uploaded, mark your video as "Unlisted". This only allows someone with the correct link to view your video. It will not be able to be viewed by the public (unless you give out the link). Be sure that your permission settings are correct so that we can view your video when you send us the link.

I don't have a way to record. What do I do?

Find a friend or family member. We all know someone with a modern cell phone that you can borrow to make your video. If you can't find one, let us know via email and we'll help you find someone. :-)

How do I submit my video?

Just below this FAQ section is a button titled "Twirling Video Submission". Click that button, fill out the form, and copy/paste the link to your YouTube video as specified. Click submit!

Helpful Hints!

  1. Be sure to have enough light for a quality recording. Don't wait until sunset to record your video - light matters!
  2. Use a tripod (if available) or prop your phone up on something. A steady camera helps to make a better recording. If you have someone holding your phone, just try to keep it steady.
  3. Record in landscape orientation, not portrait orientation (horizontal not vertical).
  4. Remember, this doesn't have to be a professional video - just be yourself and have fun!
  5. SMILE!!

What do I wear for my video?

Honestly, you can wear whatever you want. T-shirt / shorts / twirling shoes (or tennis shoes) will be your best bet for ease of movement. Stay away from the obvious - jeans, sweat pants, etc. You can totally wear a twirling costume if you want. In fact, you may want to change into that (if you have one) for your choreographed routine. If you don't have a costume, don't worry about it - it's about the twirling, remember?

Didn't find an answer?

If you have further questions about the video process, please contact Mr. Carter by email: .

When you are ready to SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO, please click the button to the right.  Fill out the related form, copy/paste the link to your YouTube video, and click Submit.



June 3 - Audition material published

June 12 - Deadline to complete interest form

June 19 - Deadline for video submission - 11:59 PM

June 20-23 - Videos judged

June 24 - Announcement of results

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