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Greetings!  What a crazy semester it has been!  If you are here, you are interested in serving the Frenship Band and its members by auditioning for one of many leadership or performance positions in our organization.  Due to state & local mandates concerning Covid-19 restrictions, our normal process of conducting these auditions has been altered.

Below, you will find information detailing the process we will follow this year for our auditions and placements.

Please contact us with any questions.  Good Luck!

Drum Major

Drum Major

Drum Majors are the student leaders and field conductors of the Frenship Band.

Students who desire to become candidates for Drum Major will:

  • fill out the Drum Major Interest Form

  • attend virtual classes to learn conducting

  • participate in an online interview with the band staff

Lead Team

Leadership Team

The Frenship Band's Leadership Team is comprised of:

  • Drum Majors (separate form)

  • Caption Heads

  • Section Leaders

  • Head of a Support Team (Head Quartermaster, Head Uniform Crew, Head Admin Crew, Head Library Crew)

Students who desire to become members of the Leadership Team will:

Support Team

Support Teams

The Frenship Band's Support Teams are comprised of:

  • Quartermasters

  • Uniform Crew

  • Admin Crew

  • Library Crew

Students who desire to become members of a Support Team will:

Drum Line

Drum Line

Fall Drumline auditions are currently scheduled to be held during Drum Camp, July 16-17 and 20-21.  All percussionists will receive more information from Mr. Perez as that camp approaches.  (Note: this camp is subject to change based on mandates due to Covid-19)

Please visit the percussion page on this website for audition materials.  Contact Mr. Perez for the password.



For information concerning guard LEADERSHIP auditions, click HERE.

Information for full GUARD auditions can be found HERE.



For information concerning twirling auditions, click HERE.


For Leadership Team / Support Team


  • Record a short video of yourself speaking to the band staff

  • Video should include:
    - say your name
    - tell us what position(s) you're running for
    - tell us the following
       + why you want to be considered for the               
       + why you are the best candidate for the               position(s)
       + what plans do you have for the                   
           position(s)  to help the Frenship Band be           successful 

  • Be sure to have adequate light to ensure a quality recording

  • Maximum length of video will be 2 minutes


  • Record your video using whatever device you choose

  • Maximum length of video will be 2 minutes

  • If you don't have a YouTube account, create one (or use someone else's)

  • Upload your video to your account

  • Mark your video as "unlisted" - no one can view your video unless they have the link


  • Click the form below

  • Copy/Paste the YouTube link of your unlisted video into the form & submit


Monday, June 1

  • Deadline to register for auditions
    (except guard & twirlers – still working on the process)

  • Staff begins contacting Drum Major candidates, sets up virtual conducting classes, and schedules interviews


Friday, June 5

  • Deadline for video submission


June 5-11

  • Staff review videos & finalize results


June 12

  • Announce results

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